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this pencil stiles Characterized by design transparent and body from alloys Aluminium, supports Shipping wireless and installation magnetic, And enjoy sensitively for the mile and pressure with technology to reject palm . Come with pencil Spare and he compatible with all Makes IPAD that supports pencil Camel for apps variety .

design industrial transparent | Characterized by design Exclusive lets Vision clear for the board interior, and cover from alloys Aluminium solid And attractive .

shipping double | supports Shipping via USB-C and charging wireless magnetic .

control precise, necessary for drawing | technology sensitive tilt pressure, side by side to side with job to reject palm, Make The drawing and design more ease .

control touch, comfortable and fast | Provider seeds to touch to switch dual to multiply mission with a click double .

battery Same age long, to provide tasty energy | with age battery It arrives to 8 hours and put Stillness automatic after minute one, meets needs the use throughout today for users with to provide energy in a form clever .

agree High | compatible with all Makes IPAD that supports pencil Apple .

specifications Translation :

- USB-C input : 5V / 0.5A

- entrance Wireless : 5V

- capacity Battery : 90mAh

- time Charging : USB-C: 0.5 hours, Wireless : 3 hours

- time Usage : 8 hours

- volume Pen : 1.5 mm

Compatibility : iPads _ after 2018 _

- Size : Φ9 * 165mm ± 1mm

Weight : 14 grams ± 2 grams

- accessories included in Box : pen bullets reserve x2 , can storage for pen, cable USB AC charging ( 18 cm)

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