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1. **Fast Shipping:**
- Supports fast charging for all compatible devices, providing efficient and fast charging.
2. **Three in one:**
- Designed to charge three devices at once, making it ideal for people who own multiple devices.
3. **Wide Compatibility:**
- Compatible with most devices, including iPhone, Android devices and other tablets.
4. **PD 20W:**
- It includes 20W Power Delivery support, making it capable of charging devices quickly and efficiently.
5. **Build quality:**
- Made of high quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.
6. **Suitable Length:**
- Comes with a length of 1.5 meters, providing enough distance for comfortable use.
7. **Durability and strength:**
- Strong and durable cable that can withstand daily use and travel.
8. **Flexibility in use:**
- Perfect for everyday use and to carry while traveling.
**With the Rapid Series 3-Function Fast Charging Cable for Baseus, you can count on efficient performance and fast charging of your devices with ease.**

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