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**Main Features:**

- **High Video Quality:** This camera comes with 1080p HD video resolution, ensuring clear and sharp images are recorded.

- **One-click video calls:** You can connect to the camera with one click via its mobile app for remote video calls.

- **Night Vision:** With night vision mode, the camera can record video and monitor the house even in dark conditions.

- **Motion Detection:** The camera has a motion detection feature, as it can capture any movement within its range of vision and send an immediate alert to your mobile phone.

- **Remote Monitoring:** You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world using your mobile app.

- **Continuous or scheduled recording:** You can configure the camera to record video continuously or according to a specific schedule.

**Common uses:**

- **Home Monitoring:** This camera is used to monitor the home and public security.

- **Office Monitor:** It can also be used in offices and workplaces for security monitoring.

- **Public Place Monitoring:** It can be installed in public facilities such as stores or restaurants for security purposes.

**CRONY C31 Video Call Camera is an excellent tool for monitoring your home or office effectively and simply. Install it easily and get better safety and security in your daily life.**

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