Solar and battery powered outdoor security camera from Powerology

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-Works With The Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa

-Available On The App Store/Google Play

-3 Month Working Time

-IP65 Water Resistant


-Motion Sensor

-Full HD/1080P

-Micro SD Slot

We all care about privacy and living in peace. Powerology Solar Powered Wireless Security camera is a smart and fully equipped camera. Bring this built-in battery camera to anywhere, and you'll get motion detection, high-quality night vision, App compatibility, and a solar panel.

Add security anywhere you need it outdoors to see and hear everything. Enjoy the flexibility in controlling the camera and stay conscious with the live view feature in Powerology wireless outdoor camera with a solar panel. You will never miss a thing with our Powerology smart gadget.

Motion Sensor

Almost all new manufactured outdoor security cameras are equipped with motion sensors. However, all of them are not able to detect any kind of motion. Powerology Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera is super sensitive to motion whether person, automotive, or any other thing. Never miss a movement in your house surroundings and let Powerology outdoor security camera define the safety for you.

Night vision

Clear footage for more visual details. At the night get the exact resolution in the day. Nowadays all the producers try to use night vision as a feature in their products, but we all know that the display quality is not the same for all of them. Powerology made this camera to see and capture footage in total darkness with the one-in-a-kind display quality. Security is not dependent on time, day, and night safety with Powerology Solar Powered Wireless Security camera.

Limitless Power, Limitless Security

This security camera has a built-in rechargeable battery. Forget about the over and overcharging process, with the 10400mAh battery capacity you just need to recharge it after 3 months of constant usage. Powerology considers an alternative way for recharging the battery, and that is using solar panels as a power source in order to make unlimited power real. Keep the battery fully charged with the included Solar Panel. From now on you are free from replacing and charging the battery.

Solar Panel Installation

The instruction for setting up this solar-powered wireless security camera is given below:

Fix the base to your mounting location using the included screws. If the installation surface is soft or unstable, first use a φ6.0 drill bit to drill a hole in the wall, then insert the anchor nail into the hole, and fix the base with screws.

First, install the locking screw cap into the universal joint and then screw the circular socket nut into the universal joint.

Screw the universal joint into the back of the solar panel. Tighten it firmly with the attached nut.

Screw the locking screw cap into the base. Make sure that the universal joint is angled upward.

When adjusting the solar panel left or right, loosen the locking screw cap, turn the sleeve rod, and tighten the locking screw cap when the panel is in position.

The solar panel's angle can be adjusted up and down up to 90°.

After the installation is complete, please check that all locking mechanisms are tightly secured.


- Works With The Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa

- Available On The App Store/Google Play

- 3 Month Working Time

- IP65 Water Resistant

- Built-In-Battery

- Motion Sensor

- Full HD/1080P

- Micro SD Slot


- Camera Resolution: 2MP

- Battery: x4 18650

- Battery Capacity: 10400mAh

- Micro SD: up to 128GB (not included)

- Standby: up to 6 months

- Solar Panel Power: 3W

- Solar Panel Dimensions: 12 x 17.3 x 1.3 cm

-Solar Panel Wire: 3 metres