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DSP Professional Steam Iron 1500W USB Portable Steam Iron, The electric steam iron helps iron clothes quickly and easily without any back strain, and the steam jet technology helps in removing stubborn wrinkles and achieving soft and smooth clothes.

Features of the 1500W DSP Professional Steam Iron USB Portable Steam Iron:

- DSP Professional 2-in-1 Portable Steam Iron with a capacity of 1500 Watts provides a unique experience for those looking for an economical and practical tool to organize and improve the appearance of clothes.

- This device allows ironing easily and quickly, making it easy for you to quickly organize or refresh clothes without much effort.

- Thanks to its practical design, the portable steam iron is ideal for ironing curtains, furniture covers and objects with fine details, as it can reach the most difficult places.

This device features a smart steam system that allows the water tank to be used without having to disconnect it from the iron, which makes the ironing process more efficient and easier.

In addition to its function of removing wrinkles, the iron achieves high effectiveness in sterilizing clothes and inner layers, as it eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses thanks to high steam temperatures.

- With its design, the iron can be easily carried in a travel bag or luggage, making it an ideal companion during trips.

- With a 240ml tank and automatic continuous steam function, this iron delivers powerful and efficient performance.

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