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The DLC trekking and camping flashlight, model DLC-32837, is an excellent addition to the trekking and camping experience. Here is some information about this flashlight

1. **Features:**
- **360 degree rotatable:** You can direct the light in any direction you need.
- **5 Watt power:** Provides powerful lighting thanks to high power consumption.
- **USB Charging:** It can be charged via a USB port, which means you can charge it using a diverse power source, such as your mobile phone or a USB car charger.

2. **Lighting:**
- **Lighting power: 5 watts.**
- **Lighting intensity: 170 lumens.**
- Provides bright enough light for a variety of outdoor activities.

3. **Flexibility:**
- **360 degree rotatable:** This feature allows you to direct the light as needed, whether it is to illuminate your camp, or to direct lighting towards a specific area.

4. **Shipping:**
- **USB charging:** Easy to use and can be charged in multiple places.

5. **Navigation:**
- It is suitable for transportation and outdoor use thanks to its lightweight design.

Please refer to the user manual that comes with the flashlight for instructions on how to use it correctly and safely.

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