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KRAWN KW-52816 3W Multifunction Charging Bulb

This KRAWN KW-52816 charging lamp is an excellent choice for lighting and charging in one. Here are some features and specifications of this bulb:

1. **Multi-function**: This charging lamp offers multiple functions, providing high-quality 3W lighting, in addition to the ability to charge electronic devices.

2. **Lighting Power**: Powered by 3W, providing bright and clear lighting.

3. **Multi-purpose**: The bulb provides charging for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices that support USB charging.

4. **Portable and Convenient**: With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily carry this lamp with you anywhere, whether you are at home or outside.

5. **Easy to Use**: This charging lamp features a simple and easy-to-use design, making it ideal for daily use.

In short, the KRAWN KW-52816 Multi-Functional Charging Light provides high-quality illumination and the ability to easily charge devices, making it ideal for use at home, while traveling, or anywhere you need light and charging.

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