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1. **Efficient Cooling:** Powerful fan at 4500 RPM for effective heat dissipation.

2. **15W wireless charging:** Ability to charge the phone with a power of 15W without wires.

3. **MagSafe Compatible:** Allows you to easily install the cooler using MagSafe technology.

4. **Built-in digital display:** Provide real-time information about the status of your device.

5. **NON-STOP GAMING EXPERIENCE:** Ensures that you get a smooth and cool gaming experience.


- **Brand:** Prodo Games.

- **Fan speed 4500 RPM:** Yes.

- **15W wireless charging:** Yes.

- **MagSafe Technology:** Yes.

- **Built-in digital screen:** Yes.

Non-stop gaming experience comes with the Prodo Gaming Mobile Cooling System, this innovative device is perfect for keeping your phone cool and charged while gaming. MagSafe technology and digital display add to the ease of use and provide important information. Get a better gaming experience and stay cool at the same time!

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