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-Details of possible items in the ambulance kit-

1. **Ambulance bag:**
- Strong and durable black tactical bag, with designated compartments for organizing tools.

2. **Protective clothing:**
- Disposable medical gloves.
- Protective masks.

3. **Cutting tools:**
- Medical scissors.
- Tweezers.

4. **Wound cleaning tools:**
- Disinfectant solution.
- Cotton and fixing tapes.

5. **Bandages and dressings:**
- Bandages of various sizes.
- Medical adhesive strips.

6. **Tools to stop bleeding:**
- Bandages and pads designed to control bleeding.

7. **Cardiac resuscitation tools:**
- Mouth to mouth resuscitation masks.

8. **Tools for removing insects:**
- Tools for removing insects and cysts.

9. **Tools for major injuries:**
- Cloth to wrap wounds.
- Injection catheter.

10. **Glucose analysis tools:**
- Tools for checking sugar levels.

11. **Tools for orthopedic injuries:**
- Neck collar.
- Pegs for installation.

12. **Additional supplies:**
- Flashlight.
- Pens and paper for recording.

13. **First aid guide:**
- A guide containing instructions for first aid in emergency situations.

Most military ambulance kits are designed to be comprehensive and meet the medical care needs of tactical and field environments.

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