Baseus 150W Car Charging Adapter

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150W High Power

150W peak power enables power supply to multiple devices at the same time, safe and stable.

Dual AC Output for Charging Small Appliances/Digital Devices

Emergency power supply for devices with rated power of less than 150W for daily use.

Four Ports Output

Support AC+USB+Type-C for charging phones, power banks, etc.

Widely compatible

Smart Current/Voltage Digital Display

Real-time display of output and input current/voltage.

Power Control to Protect Batteries/Appliances

Built-in smart chips ensure stable power control, intelligent reconition of the required voltage of different devices, safe charging without damage to the devices.

Silent Cooling Fans

Fast cooling, safe to use.

AC Power One-button Start

Long press to turn on/off AC output, safe and efficient.

Stringent Quality Control

Pass multiple international certifications.

Universal for 12V Car Models

Applicable to all vehicles, including diesel and gasoline vehicles.