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1. **Energy conversion in the car:**
- Provides 500 watts of alternating current (AC), allowing you to power electrical appliances in your car.

2. **Dual USB-C Ports:**
- It comes with two USB-C ports for charging modern devices that support this port, such as smartphones and tablets.

3. **Additional USB-A ports:**
- It has additional USB-A ports for compatibility with a wide range of devices.

4. **Advanced Protection:**
- Equipped with advanced protection technologies to ensure the safety of connected devices and the car.

5. **Flexibility of use:**
- Allows you to power a variety of devices such as laptops, phone chargers, lighting devices, and more.

6. **Durable and compact design:**
- It features a sturdy and compact design, making it easy to use and move.

7. **Multiple uses:**
- Suitable for use in cars, camping trips, long road trips, and more.

**Note:** It is always best to read the instructions and technical details to ensure compatibility with your specific usage needs.

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