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Product name : Retractable electric fan Product number : AH06 Main material : Aluminum alloy & ABC plastic Battery capacity : 7200 mAh Charging voltage : 5V/2A Working wind speed : 2.3~4.0 m/s Product gross weight : 1.06kg Operating hour : 5~ 24 hours Charging time: 4.5 hours Noise decibel: 30~40 dB Package dimensions: 230*105*230 mm

Accompany with coolness, outdoor cooling artifact

Portable wireless long endurance, outdoor cooling strength

Good weather is calling for the travel season, want to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, but helpless and disturbing mood? You need a magic fan that is portable, compact, free from power constraints, and has a long battery life. The high-value appearance adds more points to your beauty.

The desktop does not occupy space, and the breeze is not dry to eliminate the heat

Stand upright, the lowest height is only 36cm, put on the desktop use does not take up space, quiet and noisy. Drive away heat and boredom, bring good mood for work and study.

Standing and blowing the whole body, you can enjoy the breeze in the kitchen

The whole section can stand up to 1 meter, as high as people, and the breeze is coming. It is also useful for small spaces such as cooking in the kitchen and relaxing on the balcony.

Instant folding, easy to carry and store

The whole diameter is 20 cm, and the folding height is only 10 cm. You can put it into the bag and the drawer. It is easy to carry out and does not take up space.

Play outdoors and stay cool

Without the shackles of power supply, you can take it with you when you go out, accompanied by balcony, outdoors, picnic, and enjoy the cool anytime, anywhere.

Four-speed air volume optional, cool and free to define

Support four-speed air volume adjustment, bringing more options. The strong wind drives out the hot and dry quickly, even if the hot sun is in the sky, it can also make you feel cool in an instant; The breeze continues to cool, like a summer breeze caressing the leaves.

7200 mAh battery, up to 24 hours of battery life

Built-in 7200mAh battery, low gear operation, continuous wind out for about 24 hours. Outdoor entertainment is constant electricity, accompany you from sunrise to dusk.

Easy to disassemble and easy to clean

The surface of the fan blade and the gap of the mesh cover are easy to attract dust. The innovative detachable design allows the fan net to be removed by twisting it, which is convenient for cleaning.

Support USB charging, fast charging

Use USB interface to charge, connect to power bank or car USB, and fully charge in 3-4 hours.

Exquisite appearance, three forms of display

Details determine quality

Get closer to your folding fan

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