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WiWU Snow Wi-FS07 Small Hurricane Luxury Desktop Fan with 2000mAh Battery and 4 Levels Wind Speed

Up and down manual adjustment, cool breeze around you

Stylish and high power desktop fan, make your summer cooler

Innovative turbine-shaped fan blades, reduce resonance and reduce noise

Experience strong wind in 4 modes, banishing summer heat

2000mAh large battery, up to 290 minutes of continuous use

Powerful Performance: Despite its small size, this fan does not compromise on power. With multiple speed settings, it can generate powerful airflow to quickly cool your surroundings. Its high-powered motor ensures efficient air circulation, providing relief from the summer heat.

ADJUSTABLE HEAD: Flexibility is key, so this fan may come with an adjustable head that tilts and swivels, allowing you to direct airflow where you need it most.

Efficient Airflow: Turbine-shaped blades designed to move air efficiently while reducing turbulence and resistance. Their unique shape and orientation help direct air smoothly, producing more consistent and powerful airflow.

Resonance Reduction: Turbine-shaped blades designed to reduce vibration and resonance, which is often a source of noise in conventional fans. By optimizing blade shape, size and material, engineers can reduce resonance effects, resulting in quieter operation.

Noise Reduction: The design of the turbine-shaped blades, with careful attention to detail in the construction of the propeller, can significantly reduce noise levels. The air profile of the blades helps reduce air turbulence, resulting in a quieter fan experience.

Balanced Performance: Turbine-shaped blades are usually well balanced, reducing the possibility of vibration during operation. This balance contributes to smoother airflow and quieter performance, enhancing the overall user experience.

Improved cooling efficiency: In addition to reducing noise, the turbine-shaped blades can improve cooling efficiency. Their design allows for better airflow control and distribution, ensuring air circulates effectively throughout the room, keeping you cool and comfortable.


Material: ABS+PC

Wind speed: 4 levels

Port type: Type-C

Charging time: 4 hours and 20 minutes

Battery life: 290 minutes


1 x fan

1 x charging cable

1 x English User Manual

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