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Philips Wireless Air Compression Head Massager and Portable Headband for Sleep Massage

*Product Description*

1. Intelligent circular air massage technology, 360 degrees around the head, with 6 intelligent massage airbags simulating the action of human hand with deep kneading for relaxation.

2. 3 massage modes, choose as you like, and easily adjust to your comfort zone - Sleep aid mode (1/3 light circle), Relax mode (2/3 light circle), Stress relief mode (full light circle).

3. Three-speed temperature control setting, large-area heat-sensitive pressing mode, rapid heating and cooling down.

- 1st speed - 40°C, cool down: 1/3 light circle

- 2nd speed - 43°C, rest: 2/3 light circuit

- Third speed - 45°C, effective: full light circuit

4. Hot and cold compress ice pack size 60*128mm, one-button closure design, flexible adjustment, convenient hot and cold compression.

5. High elasticity fabric and silicone material, fit the skin, comfortable to wear, anti-splash and antibacterial, not easy to pollute, not rot or rust. Flexibly adjustable Velcro design, suitable for different head sizes.

6. Color screen control, visual operation, easy to use, can be easily used by family members.

7. Long battery life, easy to fold and store, easy to carry while going out, massage at any time.

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