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Multi-frequency vibration function, 6 intelligent massage air bags.

Protein skin material is comfortable and easy to clean.

Fashionable, light and good looking.

Constant temperature hot compress.

5 kinds of massage mode.

Large battery capacity of 1100mAh.

Provide several music for the user and support to connect bluetooth to listen to music.

1. Air Pressure & Heat Compression

Provides moderate air compression to relieve eye strain, with built-in heating pads helps improve blood circulation and dark circles.

2. Bluetooth Customizable Music & Built-in Speaker

Features built-in speakers, has an automatic power off function to ensure undisturbed sleep.

3. Multiple Massage Options

Five massage modes, tailored to your needs.

4. Adjustable and portable design

Comes in a small, foldable & fashionable goggle visor style.

5. Skin-friendly material

Made from soft with rubber and PC pad Made from comfortable and breathable materials.