SKG H7: The smart rechargeable neck massager

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High massage power
With continuous powerful motor, more massaging power is provided; The neck massage head is made of metal zinc alloy, and the surface is chrome-plated, stable and wear-resistant, fast in heat conduction, and longer in life.

Take care of your health
Neck and shoulder problems affect people of all ages. Unhealthy sleeping positions or bad postures at work are some of the causes of pain. But persistent pain can be relieved by stretching, exercise, or massage. This neck and shoulder massager can provide quick relief at home or in the office.

The shiatsu neck massager is designed with 4 traditional hand-held massage modes and 4 heating levels, freely switch between those modes and find the most suitable for you to enjoy relaxation, whenever you are tired after long time reading, studying or housework, H7 neck massager will take you to the road.

Rapid heating and heat press
Rapid heating in 3-5 seconds will make you feel warm even if it's winter Turn on the heating function and choose the level to promote blood circulation It is more effective in relieving sore muscles in the neck Massage with heat compress will give you ultimate relaxation.

Effective relief of neck and shoulder pain
Ultra-strong powerful motor with continuous power supply provides greater massage power By simulating pressure, massage and real exercise techniques, the four massage modes (awake, standard, calm, mild) will effectively relieve various muscle pain.

Unique combination of heat compress and massage
Built powerful engine
The massage power is concentrated due to the built-in powerful motor and metal massage head, and the shoulder and neck have different massage modes, which makes real relaxation not difficult anymore.

Unique heat press
Heat compress and then massage can quickly loosen stiff muscles, providing effective muscle soreness relief. The heat level is low to high, we recommend using for 15 minutes each time, once you feel hot, please reduce the level to avoid any skin burns.