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Here is the Green Lion Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer, a groundbreaking product developed to improve your daily oral care routine. This device provides clean, bacteria-free sterilization of your toothbrush thanks to its advanced technology and innovative design. The Green Lion Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer has an exceptional standby period of up to 30 days and is always ready to use. The toothbrush will be cleaned regularly according to the automatic timing function, giving you reassurance and a healthier dental care routine. This device features a Philips UVC LED chip and an antibacterial rate of 99.9%. It successfully eliminates dangerous bacteria, viruses and germs, ensuring you and your family have excellent oral health. The 3M self-adhesive pad makes installing it to any surface simple and helps you save necessary counter space. With its key start and quick dry features, this device provides easy and effective toothbrush sterilization for all ages.


- Innovative design

- Waiting period of up to 30 days

- Automatic sterilization timing

- Antibacterial rate 99.9%

- Philips UVC LED chip

- 3M self-adhesive pad

- Key start and quick dry

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