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Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner DX700 600W

Product Description:
The Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner DX700 is a 600-watt corded handheld vacuum. Using this vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of invisible dust and dirt in your home without having to buy many vacuums. Its flexible design allows you to use it as a handheld vacuum or attach it to a handle, giving you many options in the cleaning process.

Features of the Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner DX700 600W:
- Powerful Suction: Amazing and multi-functional suction
- Flexible to clean: New twisted side filter technology effectively cleans dirt, dust and hair, without obstructing the filter element and affecting suction.
- Easy to carry and use to absorb dust from the surface of the house
- 3-layer filter: 3-layer sealed mesh filter; Creates a clean home environment for you
- Dual use: portable and vertical, you can choose the most convenient way to use it according to your needs. With comfortable handle, easy to handle and operate
- Washable handmade cotton filter, durable and useful, can be cleaned repeatedly
- Large capacity dust box can meet the needs of cleaning very large space, suitable for daily use
- Suitable applications for cleaning on wood floors, carpets, tiles, cars, beds, etc.
- Electrical cord length: 4.5 meters

Specifications of the Deerma Corded Vacuum Cleaner DX700 600W:
- Voltage: 240 volts
- Power: 600 watts
- Capacity: 0.8 liters
- Noise level: 75 dB
- Suction power: ≥15000Pa
- Net weight: 1.9 kg
- Total weight: 2.75 kg
- Product size: 238 * 137 * 1101 mm
- Packing size: 662 * 157 * 225 mm

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