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Cleaning and dusting your home will now be easy and compact. All you need is this uniquely designed mini vacuum cleaner that will make your experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Portable vacuum cleaner

Designed as an ultimate compact machine, this vacuum cleaner can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean every nook and cranny.

Light weight

This vacuum cleaner weighs only 0.5kg and is very lightweight.

Strong suction

With a powerful suction power of up to 13,000 Pa, it ensures that even the finest dust or dirt will be cleaned.


Cleaning becomes easier with this vacuum cleaner and it can be used to clean everything.

A vacuum cleaner is thinner than a cone
Cleaning up the room with an eye-catching addition

Brushless motor Efficient cleaning power with dual stacks
The efficient brushless motor reduces power loss and improves cleaning efficiency. Quick on and off prevents dust from remaining in the nozzle when turned off.

Easy to clean
Compact, easy to use, suitable for different household cleaning needs. You no longer have to worry about leftover food on the floor.

Your secret weapon for taking care of your car
The inside of your car can get very dirty on foggy or dusty days. With this vacuum cleaner, dirt will have nowhere to hide. * Do not leave the vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight. To avoid danger, we recommend not leaving the vacuum cleaner in the car on hot summer days.

One-touch dust removal provides convenience and keeps your hands clean
One-touch dust removal: Press the button and the dust cup will open automatically. There are no secondary contaminations. Type: portable
Capacity: 0.1 litre
Power consumption: 40 watts

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