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** 2-in-1 Hybrid Design: ** This robotic vacuum and mop is a multi-use device that combines the cleaning and mopping functions of the same device.
** High performance: ** It works powerfully and efficiently in cleaning floors and removing dirt, dust and hair.
** Positioning and pathing system: ** It features precise positioning technology to clean a specific area without affecting the rest of the rooms.
** Obstacle avoidance: ** It is characterized by the ability to intelligently identify and avoid obstacles and small thresholds.
** Remote guidance: ** You can control the device remotely using a special application on your smartphone.
** Preset Timing: ** You can set specific times to clean rooms on a regular basis without hassle.
- **Black color
- **Battery type:** Lithium-ion
- **Battery capacity:** Up to 2000 mAh
- **Operating time:** Up to 2 continuous hours
- **Tank capacity:** Up to 0.6 litres
- **Device weight:** About 3 kilograms
- **Dimensions:** Approx. 35 x 35 x 10 cm
The Eufy G20 Hybrid 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum and Mop is a great tool to help clean your home easily and efficiently, combining power and modern technology to deliver amazing results. It helps save your time and effort in cleaning floors and surfaces.

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