Mijia waterproof electric hair clipper with titanium-coated ceramic blade and large-capacity battery

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Mijia electric hair trimmer is an ideal tool for every man and child who wants to keep their beautiful and stylish look. It features titanium-coated ceramic blades that ensure a clean, precise, and high-quality shave. This trimmer features a large-capacity 2200mAh battery that lasts for 180 minutes of continuous use, making it ideal for all the family's hair-cutting needs.

Despite its power, this shaver is low on noise, and ensures a quiet shaving experience. It also features rounded blades to ensure safety and avoid any skin damage. And with automatic lighting, the machine reminds you that its blades need oil to maintain top performance.

This shaver is ideal for every family, as it guarantees salon-level performance. The machine includes a set of practical accessories that enable you to easily achieve the desired results.

Choose the Mijia electric hair clipper to get a superior shaving experience in the comfort of your own home.