Shaving machine for all parts of the body from Showsee

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Product Features:

* Innovative design, 6 mode fixed haircut length setting.
* Ceramic + stainless steel blade, trim your hair quickly without getting stuck.
* The ceramic blade is suitable for the skin without scratching the skin.
* 5000 revolutions per minute, the unique noise reduction design.
* Motor runs smoothly, the noise is less than 55 decibels.
* IPX7 waterproof rating, supports dry and wet hair cutting.
* Adopt 700mAh lithium battery, battery life up to three months.

Two-way sliding cover positioning comb, one second loading and unloading, one push lock of haircut length

3mm / 6mm 1-2 cut short hair
9mm / 12mm 3-4 block trimmed middle hair
15mm / 18mm 5-6 block trimmed middle hair