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Multi-functional product of phone holder, cups and lunch box. This product aims to provide a comfortable and organized space to place cups, drinks and meals while sitting or working.

The cup holder has a practical design that allows you to place cups or bottles safely and stably. It can be easily installed on a desktop, table or chair, thus giving you quick access to your drinks without having to search for a suitable place to put them.

As for the lunch box, it provides a convenient space for placing meals and snacks while working or entertaining. You can place plates, boxes or meals on the tray, and it provides you with a stable and comfortable level for eating without worrying about the food falling.

It is an ideal product for use in offices, work areas, cars, picnics, and anywhere else where you need a tidy and practical place to put cups and food. It provides convenience, organization and enhances your dining and drinking experience in different settings.

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