Lydsto multifunctional emergency air blower

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Lydsto 12V Portable Car Tire Inflator 5.5Bar Air Compressor Tire Pressure Detection Built-in Air Pipe Storage Space

Lydsto Car Inflatable Pump

Tire pressure detection|Quick inflation|5.5Bar atmospheric pressure|Built-in air pipe


1. Tire pressure detection

Ring Pressure Gauge, air pressure at a glance: The inflation range is 0-8Bar, 110psi, the ring pressure gauge is more professional, and the inflation pressure is clear at a glance

2. Fast inflation

Easy operation by touching the key: Touch the button to start, one button operation, convenient and fast, rapid inflation in 7 minutes.

- High-performance motors, 15L/min flow rate, inflating faster and safer.

3. Two-way heat dissipation, continuous inflation without heating up

Optimize the two-way heat dissipation of the air duct, greatly reduce the heating phenomenon during the pumping process, and ensure the efficient operation of the motor. It can continue to work for 30 minutes, which greatly reduces safety hazards caused by heat.

4.3.5 meters long power cord

The power cord is 3 meters long, and the trachea is 0.5 meters long. The long cord covers a wide range and can easily inflate the front and rear 4 wheels.

5. Come with storage space, built-in trachea

Built-in storage space, can accommodate trachea, power cord, air nozzle and ball needle, integrated storage, wire arrangement is not messy.

6. Mini size, easy to carry

Minimalist design, small size, it does not take up space in the car.


Product Name: Lydsto Car Inflatable Pump

Model: YM-CQB01

Size: 158*118*50mm

Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃

Common Problem

1. Product storage scenario

Do not place the product in direct sunlight such as front and rear windshields. Avoid product failure caused by high temperature. Problems such as product damage may occur in a long-term high temperature environment

2. Product power supply requirements

The power cord of the product needs to be connected to a 12V car power supply, and it does not support 220V to 12V converter power supply and 24V car power supply for the time being.

3. What is the maximum pressure that can be rushed? How much pressure is suitable for car tires?

The maximum pressure is 5.5 bar, and the general family car tire pressure is 2.5 bar.

4. What things can be inflated by the product?

Automobile categories: bridge car, SU∨, MP∨, sports car, minivan, small passenger car.

Other vehicles: mountain bikes, folding bikes, electric scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycles, electric motorcycles.

Balls: basketball, football, volleyball, rugby, etc.

Package Included:

1 X Lydsto Car Inflatable Pump

1 X Inflatable Connector

1 X Car Power Connector

1 X Accessories Kit (Ball Needle, Air Nozzle)