KiCA multifunctional mini dust collector

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It is an innovative blower that allows you to produce a powerful stream of air at an impressive maximum speed of 25 meters per second. You can successfully use it as a replacement for compressed air from a can, as well as use it as a portable fan or pump. The device is ideal for camping, trips, workshops, kitchens, film and photo shoots, and also while playing with children. The 4-level phased power adjustment allows you to customize the blower to your current needs. Its compact, lightweight design and built-in rechargeable battery make it perfectly portable. Explore the many uses of the multifunctional device and see how many areas of life you can use it in!

Main features of the product:
- Compact multifunctional inflator that allows you to create a powerful air stream.
- Perfect travel device that allows you to inflate your mattress, clear your tent, quickly light up your grill, and dry your shoes.
- 4-level airflow regulation, allowing you to cool yourself quickly and effectively in hot days.
- A creative tool in the hands of the photographer or filmmaker that allows model hair to be smoothed, small objects moved, smoke dispersed, and

Blow out candles, or remove dust particles during macro or product photography.
- Proven way to thoroughly clean keyboard, ports or computer case.
- an innovative device that allows you to spend active time with children (inflating balloons, moving small objects with an air stream, blowing bubbles, “painting” with sand or colored powders).
- A cooking aid that allows you to quickly cool hot ingredients for dishes that need to be lowered before serving or combined with other elements of the dish.
- The car cleaning aid that allows you to comfortably clean car carpets, upholstery and cabin, removing dust, dirt or water droplets from hard-to-reach places.
- Includes a special tapered silicone tip screw cap.
- Lightweight design (220 grams) made of high quality aluminium.
Small dimensions allow you to use the nozzle in a very small way.
Small size allows you to put the device in your pocket or bag.
Compact design allows you to put the device in your pocket or bag.
- Up to 86,000 rpm when using maximum inflation power.

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