Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite

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- 6330L of clean air is delivered every minute, the purification speed is super powerful.

- The powerful filter element vigorously absorbs harmful gases such as formaldehyde volatile from decoration and new furniture.

- Antibacterial coating, 99.99% inactivation of some bacteria.

- Quadruple powerful filter element, purification layer by layer. Say goodbye to the hidden dangers of breathing

- Beautiful design, more in line with your home placement

- The footprint is smaller than A4 paper, which is conducive to placing in a small space.

- Sleep noise is as low as 35.8dB(A), and the screen brightness can be turned off.

- LED digital display screen, real-time display of indoor PM2.5 value, three-color light bar intuitive feedback indoor air quality.

- Sensitively monitors the changes in air pollution with particles as small as 0.31m in size.

- It supports Mi Home APP, remote control, and can also be linked with Mi other smart homes to create a smart ideal life.