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First of all, it sounds like you're describing an imaginary product or vision for a future product from Apple known as the "Apple Vision Pro." This product envisions a new way to interact with applications in a mixed reality environment, possibly incorporating elements of augmented reality and virtual reality into the user experience.

Here is a summary of the main features and capabilities described:

1. Unlimited ability to distribute applications: Users can arrange applications anywhere and scale them to fit the desired workspace.

2. Seamless integration with familiar apps: Apps like Safari, Photos, Music, Messages, and more work within the mixed reality environment of Apple Vision Pro.

3. New App Store: The new App Store includes apps designed specifically for visionOS, as well as compatible iPad and iPhone apps.

4. Environments: Scenic scenes can transform the user's surroundings, enhancing the app usage experience.

5. Interaction with 3D objects: Users can interact with 3D objects from applications, and view them from different angles as if they were real objects in front of them.

6. Full application expansion: Applications can fully expand into the user space, creating immersive experiences such as harmony sessions.

7. Mac Virtual Display: Users can bring their Mac into the Apple Vision Pro environment wirelessly, and use it as a large, private, portable display.

8. Bluetooth Accessory Compatibility: Accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are compatible with Apple Vision Pro, enabling complex tasks such as spreadsheets and email.

Note that this description represents a fictional vision of a future product and may not reflect any current or upcoming Apple products or technology.

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