Leravan Ergonomic Sitting Cushion provides optimal comfort and support for long-term sitting

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Leravan Sitting Cushion is designed to provide superior comfort and optimal support. The cushion is equipped with hollow ventilation holes to ensure continuous ventilation, avoiding discomfort when sitting for long periods. The pillow features an ergonomic design that fits the shape of the body, providing ideal support even while sitting for long periods.

The unique design of the pillow conforms to the shape of the hips, which helps improve the overall appearance and strengthen the body's muscles. The pillow is made of high quality elastic foam, making it comfortable and breathes easily. Additionally, the pillow can be used in a variety of places such as the car, office, or even at home.

The pad also features an anti-slip design on the bottom to ensure stability and safety. The cover can be removed and washed, making caring for the pillow easy and convenient. The cover is made of healthy fabric that provides strong ventilation, improves comfort and soft touch feeling on the skin.

The weight of the pillow is about 620 grams, making it light and convenient to carry. If you open the package, you may notice a slight odor due to the package being tightly sealed. It is recommended to ventilate it for 72 hours after opening the package.

The pillow comes with a hang tag for directions and instructions. Enjoy comfortable seating with the Leravan seating cushion.