Children's electric toothbrush

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Color: blue


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Get an exceptional brushing experience for your kids with this toothbrush. They are specially designed to meet the needs of children and promote their healthy toothbrushing habit.

This toothbrush comes with an attractive astronaut design, which attracts children's attention and makes them enjoy brushing their teeth. In addition, it works with 360-degree cleaning technology, which helps to effectively remove plaque and bad odors from baby's teeth.

It features a baby motor with low oscillation and high frequency, providing effective cleaning power without hurting baby's mouth. It also includes a brush head with soft bristles, which penetrate deep between teeth and effectively remove plaque.

This brush also features five different cleaning modes, including soft mode, standard mode, cleansing mode, whitening mode, and massage mode. Every baby can choose the position that suits him best to protect his mouth effectively.

The brush has a smart timer that turns off automatically after 60 seconds of automatic brushing, which helps to clean teeth scientifically and helps to develop healthy dental hygiene.

Don't waste time on traditional toothbrushes, get this electric toothbrush now and enjoy a comfortable and effective cleaning experience for your children's teeth

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