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1. **Bullet Design:**
- Unique design adds an elegant and distinctive touch to the phone holder in the car.
2. **Magnetic holder:**
- It relies on a magnetic system to hold the phone firmly without the need for complicated bases.
3. **Wide Compatibility:**
- Compatible with most sizes of smartphones and tablets.
4. **Strong fixation:**
- Provides a strong hold that keeps the phone stable while driving.
5. **360 degree rotation:**
- It can be rotated 360 degrees for perfect viewing.
6. **Ease of use:**
- Easy and quick installation and removal of the phone.
7. **Fixed base:**
- A stable base that allows the holder to remain in place without unwanted movement.
8. **Durability and build quality:**
- Made of high quality materials to ensure durability and sustainability.
**With the Baseus Bulletproof Car Phone Holder, you can enjoy safe and stylish phone placement while driving.**

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