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**Excellent sound performance**
- Delivers an exceptional audio experience with brilliant space sound effects.

**Wireless and versatile**
- Bluetooth technology to enjoy sound without the need for wires, and can be used for gaming and listening to music.

**Noise reduction**
- Noise reduction feature to improve sound quality and avoid external interference.

**Low delay**
- Provide low delay for smooth gaming experience without annoying lag.

**Modern design**
- Elegant and contemporary design that combines superior performance with attractive appearance.

**Comfortable for long use**
- Designed to provide superior comfort during extended use.

**Easy to adjust**
- The ability to easily adjust the volume and control calls.

**Powerful battery**
- Long-lasting battery to meet your daily needs.

**With Baseus D05 Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy exceptional audio performance while gaming and listening to music freely and without distortion. Combines advanced technology and modern design to meet the demands of sophisticated users.**

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