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Need a car charger that comes with a MagSafe compatible holder for the iPhone 12 series? Baseus offers users of this type of mobile phone an original item that contains a Qi charger with the MagSafe standard. Designed for the iPhone 12 series and later, which are currently shown and will be equipped with the MagSafe function. Easy installation on the air vent or anywhere else on the dashboard makes this device suitable for all types of cars.


- Brand: Baseus

- Material: metal + glass + silicone + plastic

- Process: oxidation

- Input: 5V = 2A, 9V = 2A, 12V = 1.67A

- Output: 15W (max)

- Size: 63 x 34.6 x 90.2 mm

- Number of magnets: 16

-How to install: Buckle

- Installation location: Dashboard/Air vent

- Compatible with: iPhone 12 series


- Precise identification thanks to magnets

- Installation on dashboard or air vent

- The phone can be used freely without signal interference

- 360 degree adjustable viewing angle to easily adapt to personal needs

Strong charging:

- Charging in-car devices can now be effective with up to 15W of power, with the Baseus charger performing well while driving.

- Any potential interference is eliminated and the device does not overheat thanks to active cooling systems.

Stable installation without risk of falling:

- When the mobile phone is secured in the clip, it is completely stable and will not fall while you are driving, thanks to a thoughtful structure consisting of 16 magnets that are strong enough to attract the phone.

Ideal corner conditioning:

- The mobile phone can be precisely adapted to your vision when placed in the clamp.

- It can be oriented 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally.

How to install:

- The device can be installed in two ways: by installing it on the air vent or using a strong adhesive on the dashboard.

Maximum security:

- The device comes with many protection systems, such as constant charging temperature, short circuit protection, magnetic field protection, overvoltage protection, overvoltage switch, weak voltage protection, overload protection and overheat protection.

Charging lighting:

- The LED light on the device indicates the charging process, as it glows when the device is ready to work, flashes quickly when there are foreign objects, and flashes slowly while the mobile phone is charging.

Elegant design
The holder is made of metal and mirror parts, ensuring a modern design and perfect adaptation to modern car interiors. The circular base is anti-slip and non-slip, while 11 holes in the shell and metal cover ensure very good cooling performance. The product is also equipped with a self-sticking adhesive that allows you to install it comfortably and stably in the designated place, without the risk of slipping.

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