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1. *Gan technology:*
- Adopts GaN (gallium nitride) technology to provide ultra-fast charging in a small size.

2. *75W port:*
- It has a 75-watt Gan port for super-fast charging of devices.

3. *Multiple ports:*
- Includes USB-A and USB-C ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

4. *LED display:*
- Equipped with an LED screen to display charging status and remaining power.

5. *Portable Design:*
- Small and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel use.

6. *Multi-use:*
- Suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

7. *Advanced protection:*
- Provides over-current, overload and thermal load protection for connected devices.

8. *Compatible with international voltage:*
- Supports a wide range of voltages, making it suitable for worldwide use.

*With the BRAVE 75W Gan Port + AC Travel Adapter BTC-30, you can count on fast and efficient charging for your devices while traveling.*

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