Practical garment steamer 220 volts from Deerma

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The Deerma DEM-HS011 portable clothes iron is the perfect solution when you are on a trip and need to refresh your clothes. It comes with many features that make it distinctive and practical:

1. Foldable design: The iron can be folded to a height of only 13cm, making it easy to store and carry.

2. Pressure Rotary Heating System: It only takes 10 seconds to start steaming, no need to wait long to steam the clothes.

3. Physical cleaning: kills bacteria while removing wrinkles in a safe and comfortable way, no need to worry about chemical residue.

4. Patented waterproof design: Effectively solves the problem of lack of steam and ensures comfortable use.

5. Long Distance Air System: Steam stays dry and doesn't leave water creases when ironing clothes.

6. Double Safety Protection: Equipped with a thermal fuse and temperature controller to make sure high heat is not dangerous.

7. It works as a hair remover: It can be used with a cleaning brush to remove dandruff on the surface of clothes before starting steaming.

8. Multiple ironing methods: You can use the iron anywhere and anytime.

- Brand: Deerma
- Model: DEM-HS011
- Voltage: 220V
- Power: 800W
- Water tank capacity: 100 ml
- Dimensions: 19.00 x 9.10 x 24.00 cm
- Weight: 1.1 kg