Electronic writing board with screen to display the time, calendar and weather

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The calendar electronic writing board is a multi-functional product that allows you to write and record with ease and offers many advantages. Here is a comprehensive description of the product:

1. High-quality electronic writing board: The board features pressure-sensitive and crystal-clear writing, providing an ultra-clear handwriting experience. You can write and draw on the board easily with a stylus or your finger, and the writing will appear clearly on the screen.

2. Multifunctional calendar: The panel has a calendar that clearly displays the date, time, temperature and humidity. Can be used in schools, offices, homes and other places for organization and planning.

3. Workflow Writing: You can use the board to write your work plan, organize tasks, and set alarms to control stress and avoid forgetting things easily.

4. Suitable for various scenarios: The product can be used at home for daily messaging, note-taking, alarm clock reminder and many other daily life scenarios. It can also be used in various work scenarios such as arithmetic work, work notes, and group discussions.

5. Clear and user-friendly interface: The panel has a clear one-click function that helps greatly improve your work efficiency.