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EZVALO digital alarm clock

6 in 1

Clinical watch with 15W fast wireless charging

Bluetooth speaker

Double alarm for heavy sleepers

FM radio

12/24 hour and snooze mode

USB charger

Countdown timer

RGB mode

Wireless charging pad

Wherever you need to put the phone, it's now also a charging pad. The pad can deliver up to 15W of power when using fast-charging wall chargers (at least 18W).

Touch light for a quiet night

Gently and diffusely, a halo ring surrounds the device. Be more comfortable and relaxed with the night light, it helps you reduce stress and fall asleep quickly.

High sound quality

Stop being woken up by annoying beeps. This wake up clock has two high-quality audio drivers that aim to present sound in a pleasant way, even if it's just a ringtone.

Stereo speakers

With two high-quality audio drivers, the speaker delivers rich, clear sound in a compact, portable design. Enjoy listening with much better sound quality.

Display dimming

The large LED display provides all the information and is clear to read. The dimming can be up to 10% so that it will not disturb you at night.

Fast and safe shipping

It comes with a housing that absorbs and moves away heat while charging. This helps improve charging efficiency and preserve your phone's battery life.

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