Nostalgic retro-designed portable gaming console with built-in over 10,000 games

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Color: Gold

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This portable gaming console is a great source of entertainment for fans of retro games and nostalgia. It has a huge collection of classic games including many Atari, Nintendo, Sega games and more. You can enjoy the games we enjoyed in our childhood and wander through your nostalgic memories.
The device comes with a powerful Android system that enables you to download more games and applications if you wish. The 3.5-inch HD screen delivers clear, sharp graphics for an excellent gaming experience. With a 3D joystick, you can easily control the characters and have a comfortable gaming experience.
Additional specifications:
- Android system to access additional applications and games.
- Powerful battery provides long playing time before charging.
- Portable design makes it easy to carry in your pocket on the go.
- Built-in speakers to enhance the audio experience.
This device is the ideal choice for those looking for a way to enjoy a wide range of classic and contemporary games in one portable device.
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Gold, Green, Silver