Enjoy fresh air on the go with the Hanging Waist Fan and Power Bank F-116: Your Stylish and Practical Portable Cooling and Charging Companion

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Hanging waist fan with power bank


Enjoy fresh air and refreshment wherever you go with the F-116 Hanging Waist Fan with Power Bank. This portable and practical fan hangs easily around your waist, providing you with a refreshing stream of cool air on hot days.

This fan has an ergonomic design and is adjustable, as you can adjust the angle and air direction as you like. Powered by a powerful and compact battery that lasts for a long time, it can also be used as a power bank to charge your portable electronic devices.

Get much-needed cooling and softening in crowded places, while playing sports, or while hiking outdoors. With the F-116 Hanging Waist Fan with Power Bank, you'll have portable convenience and ease of use on every adventure.