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1. *Slim design:*
-Ultra-slim power bank makes it easy to carry and perfect for everyday and on-the-go use.

2. *Magnetic wireless charging:*

- Supports magnetic wireless charging, allowing you to hold the phone securely while charging.

3. *Large capacity:*
- With a capacity of 5000 mAh, it can fully charge smartphones and provide additional power.

4. *USB-C connector:*
- Features a USB-C connector for fast and efficient charging of the bank itself.

5. *High compatibility:*
- It can be used with most smartphones and tablets that support wireless charging.

6. *LED indicator:*
- It has an LED indicator to show the level of power remaining in the bank.

7. *High build quality:*
- Durable design and high build quality to withstand daily use.

*IQ Touch MagPower 5 delivers a seamless and efficient wireless charging experience in a slim and portable package.*

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