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1. **Compact and portable:**
- The small design makes it portable and suitable for use in various environments, such as office or home.

2. **Air cooling and humidification:**
- It acts as an air conditioner and humidifier, providing a comfortable and cool environment.

3. **USB powered:**
- Powered via USB, making it convenient to use with various devices such as mobile devices, power banks or USB adapters.

4. **Cool fan mode:**
- It features a cold fan mode to get a refreshing breeze during hot days.

5. **Adjust fan speed:**
- Adjustable fan speed settings to customize airflow to your preference.

6. **Easy to use:**
- Simple and easy to use control, making it suitable for all age groups.

7. **Quiet operation:**
- It operates silently, allowing you to enjoy a cool and quiet environment.

8. **LED indicator:**
- Equipped with an LED indicator to display the operating status.

**With Baseus Mini USB Air Cooler, you can create a comfortable and cool working or living environment, especially during hot weather.**

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