Porodo 2.2L Ice Cube Maker

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Porodo Ice Cube Maker with 2.2L Capacity

Give yourself a unique cooling experience with the Porodo 2.2L Ice Cube Maker. This plant brings freshness and cheer to your home or office by making ice cubes quickly and easily. Here is a description of some of its features:

**Large Capacity:** It has a spacious capacity of 2.2 liters, allowing you to make a large amount of ice cubes in one go.

**Fast cooling:** It comes with a high cooling capacity that allows water to be frozen and turned into ice cubes in a short time.

**Compact Design:** Elegant and compact design provides you the ability to place the plant where you prefer without taking up much space.

**Ease of use:** It comes with an easy-to-use interface and simple control buttons, making the process of making ice cubes easy and convenient.

**LED Indicators:** LED indicators show the plant operating status and water freezing.

**Quick Freeze Function:** Optimize the time needed to freeze water and produce ice cubes quickly.

**Unexpected Freezer:** You can use the plant to freeze juices or other drinks quickly and efficiently.

Porodo 2.2L Ice Cube Maker is a unique device that adds a touch of freshness to your daily life. Whether you're preparing for a party or need ice cubes to enjoy cold drinks in the summer, you'll find this plant to be your perfect companion.