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Powerology offers a great solution to hold your smartphone safely and stylishly with the Magsafe Desktop Smartphone Holder. This holder has been carefully designed to be compatible with Apple's innovative Magsafe technology, making it easy to secure your phone with magnets.

This holder comes with a unique cone design that relies on 17 N5 magnets to secure your phone tightly without fear of slipping. You can easily use it in the office or on a worktop to quickly access your phone and answer calls or monitor messages without having to tilt the phone.

This base is 360 degrees rotatable, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle according to your needs. You can also use it in landscape mode to watch videos or participate in video calls easily.

The Powerology Magsafe Desktop Smartphone Holder is a stylish and functional extension for your smartphone, making its use more comfortable and seamless. It makes installing and using your smartphone an unparalleled experience.

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