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Powerology Mono delivers a high level of audio performance thanks to HD Sound technology. Here are some features:


1. **USB-C Connector:** Compatible with devices that come with a USB-C connector, making it ideal for most modern devices.

2. **HD Sound Technology:** High-quality sound technology for a great listening experience.

3. **Convenient Length:** With a length of 1.2 meters (4 feet), the cable provides freedom of movement and comfort.

4. **Durable and Reliable:** Durable design and high build quality ensure durability and reliability.

5. **Light and comfortable:** Ergonomic design allows it to be used for long periods without feeling uncomfortable.

6. **Wide Compatibility:** Works with most devices with a USB-C connector.

**Enjoy a unique listening experience with the Powerology Mono headphone and get high-quality sound.**

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