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1. **GaN technology:**
- Using GaN technology for a more efficient and smaller charger.

2. **3x USB-C ports:**
- Providing three USB-C ports for fast charging.

3. **2x USB-A ports:**
- Two additional USB-A ports for charging older or non-USB-C devices.

4. **PD Power 65W:**
- The ability to charge devices with a power of up to 65 watts using Power Delivery technology.

5. **Portable Design:**
- Compact and lightweight body, making it ideal for travel.

6. **Compatible with most devices:**
- It is compatible with most smart devices, tablets, and laptops.

7. **Advanced Protection:**
- Protection features to ensure charging safety, including overload and overheat protection.

8. **Multiple voltage inputs:**
- Can be used in most regions around the world thanks to multiple voltage inputs.

9. **Fast Shipping:**
- Providing fast and effective charging for more than one device at the same time.

10. **Perfect for travel:**
- Carry it with you on your trips to ensure that your devices are easily charged.

**Note:** Please review the included user guide to ensure safe and effective use.

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