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Soundcore 3 is a Bluetooth speaker that delivers exceptional stereo sound performance, with unique technology that makes it ideal for a variety of uses. Here's a look at its features:

1. **Premium Sound Quality:** It features pure titanium diaphragm sound-playing technology, providing a rich and clear audio experience.

2. **PartyCast Technology:** PartyCast technology allows you to simultaneously link multiple Soundcore speakers to create a greater surround sound effect, perfect for your parties and gatherings.

3. **BassUp Technology:** Providing a powerful bass effect that can be boosted with one touch, to enhance the listening experience of heavy bass music.

4. **IPX7 Waterproof:** Waterproof design allows you to use it in wet places, such as the beach or pool parties, without worrying about damage.

5. **Soundcore App:** The Soundcore app provides the ability to customize sound settings, sport tuning, and other advanced features.

6. **Long-Life Battery:** Providing up to 24 hours of continuous operating time, making it ideal for long trips and evenings outdoors.

7. **Stylish and Durable Design:** It features an elegant design and high build quality to withstand daily use and difficult conditions.

Soundcore 3 is your ideal companion to enjoy music in high quality anywhere and anytime, whether you are at home or outdoors.

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