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This super absorbent and breathable towel with a unique cooling effect is the perfect choice for hot days or during strenuous physical activities. They can be worn around the neck, forehead, over the head, or under a hat to help stay cool.

This towel is perfect for chefs, kitchen workers, outdoor workers, sports enthusiasts, babysitters and more. It is also useful for physical therapy, such as relieving fever or headache, preventing sunstroke, or avoiding intense exposure to the sun, and others.

The towel comes with a bottle to store it in and is made of polyester. Size: 30x80 cm.

How to use:

1. Soak it in cold water.
2. Allow the towel to absorb enough water.
3. Turn the towel over, then flip it from top to bottom with your hands.
4. Put it around the neck or any other place you want to cool.
5. When the towel loses its coolness, soak it in cold water again.

This towel makes a great gift for anyone who needs to cool off on hot days.

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