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SwitchBot Hub Mini

SwitchBot Hub Mini is an all-in-one, compact IR remote management system which provides remote control that can be controlled by voice or apps to give an auto-learning management system for every IR device and SwitchBot. Remote management is possible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri IFTTT and Google Assistant. Set up your TV, air conditioner and other devices using your Hub Mini. It is not necessary to worry about losing your place ever again! Take the home appliances you love and make them practical using SwitchBot.
Installing the Hub Mini in each room will allow you to use it as a family home appliance. You can remotely turn on the air conditioner and keep the room cool before the time you arrive home. With the scheduling feature, it is impossible not to showcase your home appliances. Conserve energy and enjoy financial savings. You are installing in just a minute, without wiring or tooling.
Install the Hub Mini inside the app, and begin studying with Sensible. Set your distance to your Hub Mini, and then press any button and bingo! Your distance has been calculated. Hub Mini helps over 4,000 manufacturers in the field. In addition, it can be taught to replicate any infrared signal using manual mode. SwitchBot Hub Mini is Appropriate to work with Alexa, Google House, and Siri, which means you can use voice commands to manage your TV, air conditioner and others.
For instance, you'll want to make use of phrases such as “Alexa, activate the aircon”, “OK Google, swap off the TV”, and “Hey Siri, enhance the temperature within the kitchen”. Mini is the best alternative for DIY and innovative makers. Combine with the SwitchBot Hub Mini with IFTTT and create your usage scenarios. Join your device and shut it down by connecting SwitchBots (the Bot, Meter and more) with Wi-Fi. Remote management is possible through Alexa, Google House, Siri, and IFTTT. SwitchBot is your simple switch for a smart home.
Easy to use
It's easy to organize the Hub Mini within the SwitchBot App. When you switch to SwitchBot's “Sensible studying” mode, it could be a replica of your current remote control in fives. If it's USB-powered and portable, you'll be able to carry and put it in all the areas. (*SwitchBot Hub Mini solely helps 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.)
One for all
Connect your TV, air conditioner and other infrared-powered home appliances using SwitchBot Hub Mini. SwitchBot Hub Mini. All the units are in one application. Relax right at your fingertips.
It's your “Mini” step to a smart home.
It's the entry point into SwitchBot. It is the gateway to the SwitchBot ecosystem. Connect every SwitchBot product and household device to the Internet to activate your SwitchBot devices to connect via the Cloud Service of your SwitchBot devices. Start building your smart home using SwitchBot!
Enjoy voice control
It integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. Control your SwitchBot gadgets and domestic home appliances using simple voice commands.
Conserve energy and save money.
Do you want to know if you shut off your AC in the bedroom or not? Turn it off using the SwitchBot App, or create an appropriate scene, and you'll never forget to showcase the equipment in your home.

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