SwitchBot Make Your Curtain Smart in 30 seconds

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Make your curtain smart in 30 seconds

SwitchBot Curtain is a small wireless robot that makes any curtains motorized and smart with a 30-second installation (without Alternative installation). After attaching to your curtain, you can then open and close your curtain with your smartphone. Or, just set a schedule to automatically open or close the curtain.

Born to retrofit easily

Thought it would be a hustle to complete the installment? No way! It literally is as simply as changing a light bulb. With the unique mechanical design, it takes you only 30 seconds to set up.

Award-winning Design

Unlike other smart curtain solutions, SwitchBot Curtain is designed to retrofit and automate your existing curtains. SwitchBot Curtain has been awarded the Good Design Award 2020 and IDEA 2020 , and it's the World's First Retrofit Smart Curtain Solution.

For any types of curtain rail

No matter it is Rod, U Rail track, or I Rail track, SwitchBot Curtain can always fit. Make sure you select the right type and measure the dimensions of your curtain rails, so it can work smoothly on your curtains.

Support U Rail Curtain

Make sure your U Rail track meets the dimension requirement.

Support Rod Curtain

Please make sure your curtain Rod meets the dimension requirement.

Support I Rail Curtain

Please make sure your I Rail Track meets the dimension requirement

Special Note for Rod Curtain

SwitchBot Curtain Rod type supports Grommet, Ring Top, Back Tab and Tab Top curtains.

* For Grommet curtains, Grommet Kit is required.

* Rod Pocket curtain is NOT supported.

Open your curtains with one touch

Sometimes we're just too tired of pulling the drapes by hand. So, from now on, start to open and close the curtains on your smartphone. By adding the SwitchBot Hub Mini , you can even control your curtains when you are 1000 miles away from home!