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It is an ultra-thin smart card that works with Apple Find My technology.

This card is intended to help you easily find lost items or what you are looking for.

The card works by connecting it to the Find My app on your Apple devices, like iPhone or iPad.

You can link the tag to things you want to keep track of, such as keys, travel luggage, mobile devices, or anything else you want to find easily.

When you lose something and your TRANGJAN card is connected to the Find My app, you can use the Find My app to locate the card and the lost thing.

You'll receive notifications and directions to help find it quickly and easily.

With this technology, you can easily keep track of important things and avoid losing or forgetting them. TRANGJAN ULTRA THIN SMART CARD FIND EASILY is a convenient solution for those who frequently lose small items or need help locating them quickly and accurately.

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