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Ugreen DisplayPort to HDMI 4K Cable is the solution for transferring high-quality video from source devices to HDMI displays. This cable allows you to enjoy a wonderful viewing experience with HD resolution.

**Product Features:**

1. **4K Resolution:** Provides support for 4K resolution, ensuring clear and sharp display.

2. **High Quality Audio:** Supports high-quality audio transmission with video, giving you an excellent audio experience.

3. **Easy connection:** Direct cable to connect between your computer or laptop and the monitor or TV.

4. **DisplayPort 1.2 Compliant:** Adheres to DisplayPort 1.2 standards for stable and reliable performance.

5. **Strong Connectors:** Designed with strong connectors that provide a stable and reliable connection.

6. **Wide Compatibility:** Works with computers, laptops and other devices that have DisplayPort output.

7. **Build Quality:** High-quality material makes it durable and corrosion-resistant.

8. **Reliable Choice:** The Ugreen DisplayPort to HDMI cable is a reliable choice for connecting devices to HDMI displays with high resolution.

Whether you need to watch PC content on your TV screen or enjoy games in high definition, this cable delivers the performance you need.

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